Store Manager FAQs

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Our continued success means that we are opening more and more Aldi stores across the country.

We continually look for special individuals who share in the Aldi philosophy - hard work and great rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are Aldi recruiting for Store Managers?
We recruit all year round.

What educational standard must I have to apply?
We don't set a minimum standard. Successful Store Managers have joined us with a range of qualifications from GCSEs to Degrees as well as vocational qualifications. English and Maths abilities are important.

What else will help my application?
As Store Management is a retailing and people management role you'll need to demonstrate an ability to handle hard, physical work as well as provide evidence of your ability to deal well with people.

What will the training involve?
We'll create a training programme that suits you. The length of the plan will depend upon you, your experience and your abilities. Experienced colleagues will take you in hand and show you how to perform as a Store Assistant before moving quickly on to the tasks of Store Management.
The phases of training will include:

Getting to know the Store environment and the role of the Store Assistant
Intensive training in Store organisation, operation and management
Hands-on experience of the Assistant Manager's role
Management of Stores to cover days off and holidays with detailed review afterwards
Appointment to a Store as Store Manager

Where will I be trained?
Typically you can expect to train in a number of Stores close to your home.

How will I be monitored and assessed?
You will receive constant feedback on your performance throughout the training from the Store Manager you're training with and your Area Manager, whilst having plenty of opportunity to give your own thoughts on your own development.

Will I need my own transport?
It is important to be able to get to the local Stores that you are training in by your own means of transport as travelling by public transport may not always be convenient.

Where will my Store be when I'm ready to run it?
That depends on the opportunities that present themselves at the time but we hire our Store Managers to work in the local area.

How do I apply?
Apply online now